General Insurance

Manan Investment offer a Medi-claim insurance,car insurance, fire & marine insurance, personal accident etc which is the  most needed insurance for every person. General insurance covers insurance of property against fire, burglary, theft; personal insurance covering health, travel and accidents; and liability insurance covering legal liabilities. This category of insurance virtually covers all forms of insurance except life. Other covers may include insurance against errors and omissions for professionals, credit insurance etc. As likely, We are offering an General Insurance for many customer and clients.

Unlike life insurance policies, the tenure of general insurance policies is normally not that of a lifetime. The usual term lasts for the duration of a particular economic activity or for a given period of time.

Types of General Insurance that we are offer are :

  • Motor Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Marine [Cargo] Insurance
  • Rural Insurance
  • Commercial Risk Insurance

Why Manan Investment is Best for General Insurance:

  • Financial Security of Life and Assets in case of an unfortunate event
  • Tax Relief by way of deductions from Income, which lowers tax burden
  • Encourages saving and helps in Financial Planning for the Future
  • Life Insurance Policies can be used as a security to obtain a Loan

At Manan Investment, we analyze all the risks associated with your business and provide you the best possible general insurance solution, with best company and policies that suits your need.

Contact Us to meet our business experts who will help you ascertain the nature of risks you are exposed to and the best way to mitigate them.